Polona Klarič: moj napredek s pomočjo Akademije TCT®

Podrobna, iskrena, pristna in z resničnimi izkušnjami podprta izpoved o napredku v življenju, zmagi nad rakom, osvobajanju od spon privzetih družbenih norm…

…s posvečenim delom na sebi ter resnični angažiranosti v Programu Akademije TCT®.

Hvala Polona za inspiracijo!



Brezplačna predstavitev Akademije TCT® bo 21.12. letos, to je sobota, v Lila Centru v Ljubljani, Kogovškova 12 s pričetkom ob 10.30.


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Anita Gomezel o doprinosu Akademije TCT®

Anita Gomezel, diplomirana socialna pedagoginja in TCT® svetovalka iskreno podeli svoje izkušnje ob sodelovanju v Programu Akademije TCT®:








Morda želita “izplavati” in čustvenih in mentalnih turbolenc enkrat za vselej?
Komu Anita Gomezel priporoča vpis na Akademijo TCT®?






Zakaj se je Anita Gomezel odločila predaati na Akademiji TCT?



Brezplačna predstavitev Akademije TCT® bo 21.12. letos, to je sobota, v Lila Centru v Ljubljani, Kogovškova 12 s pričetkom ob 10.30.


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Akademija TCT®, šola za POLNO osebno in duhovno življenje

Iskrena in močna prezentacija doprinosa naše šole, AKADEMIJE TCT®, v vsakdanje in duhovno življenje Jane Klemenčič…

…shering iz Srca:



Brezplačna predstavitev Akademije TCT® bo 21.12. letos, to je sobota, v Lila Centru v Ljubljani, Kogovškova 12 s pričetkom ob 10.30.


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Akademija TCT®
tri letna zasebna šola za POLNO osebno IN duhovno življenje.

Program integrira temeljne in direktne transpersonalne (duhovne) izkušnje ter povsem vsakdanje osebne vidike obstoja
BREZ poveličevanja duhovnih “resnic” in
BREZ zanikanja osebnih svoboščin.

Program je namenjen vsem, ki želite poglobiti zavedaje osebne svobode in izkusiti tudi duhovne vidike človeške zavesti in trajno napredovati tako v vsakdanjem kot tudi duhovnem življenju.


Vpis v osmo generacijo Akademije TCT že poteka.
Info vsak dan med 11. in 15. uro na 031 208 636


Brezplačna predstavitev Akademije TCT® bo 21.12. letos, to je sobota, v Lila Centru v Ljubljani, Kogovškova 12 s pričetkom ob 10.30.


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Akademija TCT®, šola za polno osebno in duhovno življenje

“Če želiš, da poslušam, nagovori me.
Če želiš, da razumem, razloži mi.
Če pa želiš, da se naučim, me v proces učenja vključi, osebno in posvečeno.”

Na Akademiji TCT® uporabljamo slednji pristop in slušatelje/ice venomer vabimo, da se angažirajo v procesu rasti in da na seminarjih aktivno sodelujejo. Pristop torej ni kliničen in iz distance, temveč oseben in na nivoju srca…
…in tudi zabaven.

V kolikor vas to nagovori in si želite resničnega ter trajnega osebnega ter duhovnega napredka v svojem ritmu,
We want you!

Rok za vpis v 8. generacijo ATCT® je 25. december. S Programom začnemo zadnji vikend januarja 2020.

Z osmo generacijo Akademije TCT® odpiramo vrata na široko tudi vsem vam, ki se morda ne želite usposobiti za terapevte/ke, temveč vas bolj zanima temeljiti osebni ter realni (ne zgolj intelektualni) duhovni napredek…

…prosta mesta za osmo generacijo se hitro polnijo. Prijavite se še danes!

Naslednje leto ne bomo vpisovali, kar pomeni, da bo naslednji vpis na našo šolo šele cez dve leti (torej proti koncu 2021).

Info paket o naši šoli (daljši PDF), Akademiji TCT®, prijavnica ter dva intervjuja o Programu,
direktni download:





Pogosta vprašanja o ATCT®:


Brezplačna predstavitev Akademije TCT® bo 21.12. letos, to je sobota, v Lila Centru v Ljubljani, Kogovškova 12 s pričetkom ob 10.30.


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John Rowan, in loving memory

Dr. John Rowan (1925 – 2018)


I have been meaning to write this for some time now. Dr. John Rowan has had a huge impact on my life, so much so that I am still integrating certain insights. He passed on in May 2018 and, I feel, it is time for me to let him go.

<deep sigh>
So, here we go:

A humble man, a great man, an academic, an enlightened being, a mystic, a Kali Ma devotee, my mentor at Rushmore University and a man that brought a massive amount of clarity, wisdom, and sobriety into my professional as well as private life.
Always alert, aware, funny and ready to surprise with a joke, gesture or deep insight.

He dedicated ten years to the Centuar, Subtle, Causal and Nondual stages of the Wilber map, respectively. Forty years! I cannot even begin to imagine how much perseverance and determination one must possess to walk down this road of slow but thorough personal and spiritual development.

No doubt, he would have laughed at such meaningless labels, but in my opinion, he was one of the partyakabuddhas (a solitary Buddha), a follower of the Theravada or Sutrayana path (as opposed to the tantric and mahamudra/dzogchen paths that also lead to the Non-dual).

At the Akademija TCT (ATCT, our three-year private school for transpersonal consultants) we enjoyed his loving presence five years in a row, learning from his vast academic and empirical knowledge. During those visits I benefited immensely from his audience; I drove him around, ate with him, and translated his words at the ATCT seminars.
It was he that introduced me to the Wilber map in general and the Non-dual in particular during my Ph.D. studies at Rushmore (and later on in person as well), changing my perception and pretty much everything else, completely…
…right after he thoroughly dismantled my ego-fueled academic papers and inspired me to begin to write from my Heart.

In-person, we have always had more or less meaningful talks about Wilber map, mystical and magical experiences, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, and life in general.

He was able to shift levels of awareness with the greatest of ease. Being or living at the Authentic level by choice, he could switch to the Causal or even to the Non-dual level at the moment’s notice.

He embraced the personal and the transpersonal levels with equal grace. No denial of personal and mundane things and no adoration of spiritual things. 

His presence was calm and yet strong, simple yet clear.

He was one of a few people (if not the only one) that really, really understood me… and neither wanted nor needed anything from me.

And he was so graceful in person! I can still recall a situation when I took him to dinner in Ljubljana. It was an early evening, and it was already dark. I didn’t really know how to get to the place and I just drove around, trying to find a way. It must have been obvious I didn’t have the slightest clue where we were. Dr. Rowan, however, just sat there in my car and silently tolerated my aimless driving.
After 20 minutes or so he looked at me, smiled and said: “You don’t live here, do you?”
🙂 🙂

I particularly remember one more event: one rainy Sunday in the morning I went to his hotel in Ljubljana to take him to our seminar at ATCT.
He was waiting for me, meditating (he did not approve of being late!). When I entered his room, he stood up and looked at me with clear beaming eyes. I could sense lightness and clarity around him and in the room.
I asked how was his morning thus far and he smiled and said that he just had his breakfast.

I came closer to him, looked into his eyes, put my left hand gently on his right shoulder and said smiling and with respect: “Now the Buddha is not hungry anymore.” And the Living Buddha, in all his modesty, lowered his eyes.

I miss him so much!

I was told that when the citadel shattered, he was at peace, transitioning out of his worn-out 93 years old body gracefully, depriving Great Britain and indeed the whole world of the rare Living Presence of an Arhat…

His legacy still lives on in his 20 books, numerous recorded interviews, and lucid poetry.

As far as this individual here is concerned, well, Dr. John Rowan’s spirit lives on in my integral approach to life and psychotherapy, in my (more or less unsuccessful) attempt to embrace the personal with equal vigor as the transpersonal…

…his spirit trives on in our school ATCT, and in the lasting gratitude for his immense contribution to me, my students at ATCT, my loved ones, and my family…

…so long, my dear John Rowan, thank you for your silent lucidity and see you around.

His web site is still available, lots of info there:

I’ll stand by you

Oh, why you look so sad?

Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
’cause I’ve seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you
You don’t know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you


Predavanje: Komunikacija, čustva stres

Tematsko predavanje z naslovom


Komunikacija, čustva in stres so teme, ki so tako v poslovnem kot v zasebnem življenju vedno med najbolj aktualnimi. Kako se pogovarjati na delovnem mestu, kako doma, kako s prijatelji, znanci in neznanci, da bomo komunikacijo znali izkoristiti kot odlično orodje za dobre medosebne odnose na vseh področjih našega življenja. Poznavanje in uporaba čustev sta pri tem ključnega pomena.

– Tokrat bodo predavane naslednje učne vsebine, v okviru  predstavitve izobraževalnega Programa Akademija TCT:

–    osnove kognicije (percepcija, spomin, učenje itd…),

–    nevrobiologija in svoboda izbire,

–    direktna ter takojšnja zamenjava prepričanj ter čustev,

–    potenciali človeških možganov.

Obisk srečanja je za vse BREZPLAČEN !

Vabljeni torej na medgeneracijsko srečanje, ki bo v SREDO, 20. januarja 2016 ob 17.00 uri v prostorih Ljudske univerze Kočevje, v II.nadstopju , v učilnici 1.

Predava Edmond Cigale


The New cAge prison

The text below caught my attention on FB. I often relish the simple and yet deep thoughts of Jeff Brown, and the New Age or New Cage text fits right into the overall context of my Integral vision and Integral.life Blog.

Lets first see Jeff’s words (my thoughts below):

New Cage Movement – A term to describe the more ungrounded, dangerous and simplistic elements of the New Age movement, including but not limited to:

  • wishful thinking mantras,
  • spiritual bypass and premature forgiveness practices,
  • superficial healing techniques, and
  • the perpetual denial of common sense realities with fantastical perspectives (‘Everything is an illusion,’ ‘There are no victims,’ ‘All judgments are bad,’ ‘You chose your every experience and circumstance,’ ‘Your personal identifications are inherently false,’ ‘Just ask the universe for what you want…,’ ‘Everything you see and feel is a reflection of you,’ ‘There is no one to blame,’ ‘The ego is the enemy,’ etc.

These perspectives have their place, but taken too far, become a prison of their own making, locking people in with their unresolved pain, obstructed from doing the real work by their addictive flights of fancy. The key to escaping New Cage prison is developing a willingness to do the real work to ground, embody and heal in authentic terms.

On a relational level, New Cage connections are often wound-mates, priding themselves in their seeming spirituality, but actually falling apart at the seams- boundary-less, ungrounded and controlled by all the unresolved emotional material that the crystals didn’t quite heal. In their determined efforts to float above the fray, they actually just perpetuate their own pain-bodies and miss the opportunity to do the real work to become conscious together.
(~an excerpt from ‘An Uncommon Bond’)

Well, that has been rather well said. 🙂
Thank you, Jeff.

What I would like to add, though, is that while my mind is always rejecting the New Age mentality, labeling it as pure bull s**t, my heart whispers that maybe New Age people yearn for recognition, peace, freedom, love, respect and empathy – just like me (and maybe you).

The difference, however, between maybe me and your average New Age person, as far as I can see, is that I am not avoiding or at least I am trying to not avoid darkness, anger, sadness and the negativity within or without.

I am willing to face my own shadow side of inner psychological climate straight on, without overly complicated means (read: tarot cards and elves) .

Wilber comes to my mind here, he likes to say:
“There is no jumping. States are free, stages are earned.”

I understand his assertion to mean that it is impossible to just avoid and jump over a certain level of human identity development. And in the case of New cAge people, it seems they might want to jump (probably unaware) over the Centuar level. And to attain the Centuar or the Authentic level one has to face and clear out the shadow. Basically that means facing all the stuff New cAge wants to avoid.

I have been there, done that and it did now work; I was young and naive. Now I know that transforming the shadow by embracing it amounts to sending my roots really really deep into the ground. And that seems to be the only safe means for spiritual progress (for me).