Dr Rowan 2105 visit highlights

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This year Dr John Rowan visited us for the fifth time in a row and, for me, his seminars have always contributed to a profound changes in my awareness.

Seminar was pragmatically oriented, focusing on the Subtle, Causal and Nondual stages of human psychological-transpersonal identity development.

In plain words, we were exploring the states of consciousness above the personal ones (above Mental ego and Authentic self).

We started off by two people reading main characteristics of Mental Ego and Authentic stages. It was interesting for me to observe reactions of participants. Where sincerity is at home, it is really impossible to avoid facing the truth, it seems.

The Authentic level, the Centaur as it is also called, is of course very important stage of development, full of control, building up ego and manifesting the “I create my own world” notion. I don’t know about others, but I am really grateful that I passed that particular level years ago. Now it is really strange to me to impose limitations where none exist or don’t need to exist.

We kindda glanced at the Nondual level (the Buddhist states, i.e. anatta and sunyata) on the first day. It was enough, however, to completely eradicate the notion of any kind of identity in awareness of yours truly.

We had lunch with our dear “living Buddha” (as I like to refer to him) and there was no one there to eat the lunch, as far as I was concerned. My friends were talking and yet no one was speaking, no one there to listen either. It was one of those moments when consciousness is free from, well, everything.

On the second day, Dr Rowan guided us into a meditation at the Subtle level, where again the “I” (the Subtle / Causal I) simply vanished. Shanti, shanti, shanti.

Dr Rowan also presented his new paper on the psychedelic research and then guided us into meditative state similar to psylocibin experience. Interesting, but the real Plants of power are better, to me.

There was an interesting discussion about using power in daily lives. One participant raised the question how to really use power when she is also gentle.

And our Mojca shared her opinion that it really doesn’t matter how one uses his/her power/gentleness in relationships – what is important is where the focus rests on the inside, in the Heart. She pretty much nailed it, in my opinion.

At lunch I asked Dr Rowan which level of awareness is most satisfying to him and he said: the Authentic level. A complete surprise to me for the most part, as he is (as far as I can tell) almost never at this level when with me.

Towards the end of the day two, Dr Rowan demonstrated a few sessions from the Causal and Subtle transpersonal levels. Those moments, when the therapist is really really at the Causal or Subtle level, are so precious and yield so much progress for the client!

A decision was also made that next year we will offer a public program, introducing the Wilber map and demonstration of psychotherapy work from transpersonal levels (beyond Authentic level) to public.



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