Ice is only water

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There seem to be many paths and methods which all lead to permanent happiness. There is the form and there is the formless. In transpersonal psychology that would translate, in my opinion, to the Subtle and the Causal level.

Anandamayi puts it beautifully:

“Thus both water and ice partake of the nature of eternity, Likewise, He is as indubitably with form as He is without. When with form, which can be compared to ice, He appears clad in limitless different shapes and modes of being – which are actually spiritual in nature.

Depending on one’s avenue of approach, prominence is given to one particular form.

Through every religious sect, He gives Himself to Himself, and the value of each of these sects for the individual is that they each indicate a different method to Self-knowledge. He alone is water as well as ice.

What is there in ice? Nothing but water.”

– Anandamayi

What I hear in Her words is that Love is all around me 🙂



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