Potrebe vs Strategije

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Oftentimes, in a NVC world, there goes on a passionate conversation between a Need (clarity) and a Strategy (talking).

Strategy says, hey you, Need, what the hell are you doing thinking like that? You are not independent!!! You can not live without me, I am your house and you live in me!

And the Need replies, yes I hear you, my dear Strategy. But my inner quality indeed is independence, freedom and inherent fullness. That’s why, my dear Strategy, I express myself through you only when and if I want. In my heart, I don’t really need you, for I am perfect as I am. Talking is just an added value, that’s all, and one of many at best.

So, you see, you are welcome in my world, but only as a guest. I will not attach myself to you, I will not promise you exclusive relationship. I like options, I love to chose other strategies to express and actualize myself. Therefore, for now, please do stay, just not for good.



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