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In this Blog I share my answers to the questions about the Causal transpersonal level. Some questions were received via this Blog and some are from my students at the TCT Academy.

Q: What is the Causal level?

A: It is complete One-ness, non-differentiated awareness beyond duality. In practical terms, it is the complete freedom from cause and effect. Why? Simply because there is no difference between inner and outer realities; the Source, the thoughts, emotions, words and deeds – all is only One. There is none else besides Him.

Q: I don’t understand. What do you mean by “beyond duality”?

A: Yes, duality (right-wrong, here-there, me-you, sorrow-happiness etc…) seems to be based on something, right? And the sense that we are something, somewhere in time and that we do things (which is basically the ego, the I & Mine sense deep within) is doing the differentiation. Well. at the Causal level of existence, the ego is recognized as a part of the Source, right along with everything else. Hence: there is none else beside Him (Him being the Causal Self, the I am presence, God if you want to believe in Him).

It is as if the Pristine awareness, the Pure potential of the Causal Self shines through all that we see before us, overshadowing the previously perceived “duality”, eradicating even the most subtle traces of separateness and duality clean.

At the Causal level, there is only One. And That is the only Reality that is really Real.

Q: Does that mean that the world is an illusion?

A: Well, according to Vedanta teachings (propagated by Ramana Maharshi, for example), the answer to your question is, yes.

On my planet, however, the answer is, no/yes. It is not that the world is an illusion, it is only that the duality is not the final reality. It is all a matter of perception, a mental, authentic or subtle one, or the Causal one. At the Causal level, only the Causal Self IS, everywhere.

It is true (according to my experience), however, that while aware of the Causal Self, all else seems to fade away. But then again, that exact Causal Self is also every thing else, inner, outer, everywhere. So, my answer is yes and no. 🙂

Q: Would you be willing to share what the Causal level is like?

A: Yes.This level is one of the experiences on my spiritual path that I value the most. It is also the state of consciousness I can enter at will, thanks to my spiritual master and mentors.

It is the fullness of awareness, the totality of existence where everything is all right exactly as it is: there are no problems at this level, no issues and challenges. Nothing needs to be added or altered; even more, it is not possible to alter anything as there is only One, perfect and eternal.

It is the Witness, the Choice-less Presence, the I am presence, the only One that really exists, for all eternity. It is He that does everything, Is everything – it is the ground Reality. And I am one with Him. And so are you, whether you are aware of it or not.

It is also the so called transpersonal state, above the personal impressions in our awareness. I mention this because I have observed that for some people the impersonal or transpersonal aspect of the Causal level is quite a challenge. It seems that they are used to the personal (read: material) experiences to the extent that negates the impersonal and transpersonal (read: non-material, transcendental) experiences.

The irony is that the Causal Self is the most intimate and up close and personal thing there is. Way more personal and fulfilling than the most intimate feeling from the bedroom, for example. It is THE Self, the only really real, completely beyond the changes of time and space (read: our daily life) and at the same time in complete Oneness with time and space.

It never ever changes, It is Formless, the Un-manifested and is the Pure Being which alone is. Hmm. I speak as though It is something elsewhere, something different from you and me, while in truth it is Me and You beating as One.

Q: How to attain the Causal transpersonal level?

A: You can’t, at least not on your own. No way you or me can enter that realm for good only by our own efforts. It is like trying to capture the Atlantic ocean in one glass. No way. What is needed (along your sincere and firm effort, of course) is a blessing or mercy from above (directly from the Source or through someone who has already been there).

There is a difference between attaining the Causal level or stage and having temporary experiences of that level. The latter is available to anyone, anytime, of course. It is very very easy to enter the Causal level, due to only one reason: it is already attained. There is nothing and none else beside It.

That been said, the meditation on the Formless Reality is one of the ways, in my opinion. Mantra yoga is another way. Enlightenment Intensive technique also tends to help a lot.

Q: What is the value of the Causal transpersonal level in your daily life?

A: That is an excellent question!

Well, to start with, my first experience of the Causal level back in 1993 was the turning point in my life. After the experience, it was as if I viewed the world for the first time. My existence finally received something solid to build my daily  life on. I finally knew what and who I was.

AnandamayiA lot of water has flowed below the bridge of my life since then. Nowadays, the picture is different: the Causal level has been integrated into my daily existence thanks to my mentors and Gurudev. It offers peace, freedom from dualities of life and above all the Presence that is always, well, present no matter where. It is only the scenery that is changing, the Witness is always the same, changeless and free.

I would also like to mention that the Causal level insights have added a lot to my life in terms of detachment. It is very easy to see through the dramas of this world from the Causal level; and so the detachment has become pretty much constant in my daily life.
So much so that I may come across as distant, dispassionate and not very compassionate.

Free access to this level has also provided me with the insights into what all great teachers (Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, Ramakrishna, Yogananda etc.) are speaking about. No secrets anymore.

The One Presence also endowed me with almost complete disregard for any kind of activism, elaborate strategies for elevating suffering from this planet and/or trying to master my mind and helping others to master theirs (strategies that belong to personal Mental / Authentic levels, in my opinion). Only one reason I see behind this: why make stormy waves in the perfectly calm lake?

In short, the Causal level brings freedom and peace to my life.

Q: Does God exist?

A: I don’t know. All I know is that there is a level of human psychological-spiritual identity development, a transpersonal one, which amounts to what more religious oriented person might call God.
It is a purely subjective state of awareness and although very well described and sought after in virtually all religious doctrines on this planet, it needs to be experienced to be really understood.

It is the Causal level of existence, the Source of every thought, emotion and everything else.

Q: What is the difference between the Causal and Subtle transpersonal level?

A: Well, according to Wilber map (which is empirically validated by many persons I met and also by my own empirical knowledge), the transpersonal levels of human awareness are as follows:
– Subtle,
– Causal and
– Nondual level.

The Subtle level is in turn experienced as lower and higher. Lower Subtle plane is full of elemental spirits (gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders), souls of persons who passed on from physical reality, our ancestors, animal and plant spirits, lower “demons”, angels, duality.

At the higher Subtle level, there are more spiritually evolved and liberated souls, masters of wisdom, forms of gods and goddesses, arch angels etc…

Subtle level is one of the polytheistic nature, where diverse non-material and spiritual beings dwell…

…and yet, even the most exalted gods and goddesses have their Source. Everything originated somewhere.

And that Origin is the Causal self, the Pure potential, the Un-manifested.

It is as if the One manifested Himself/Herself and transformed into many. From the Causal Level down to the Subtle level.

Q: Is the Causal level of any use in psychotherapy?

A: Yes, yes!
Very much so.

The directness, sharpness and dispassionate insights that the Causal level may offer, can and indeed does help a lot in practical settings of psychotherapy sessions.

Dispassionate and direct insights into dramas of the client can help much more than long hours of soft and compassionate climate in sessions. If and when client is ready, of course.


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