Embracing Transpersonal

At our school for transpersonal consultants, TCT® Academy, we offer a seminar (my favorite) that aims at exploring the Subtle transpersonal level of human overall consciousness. I am about to offer this seminar in the upcoming weekend and here are my thoughts.

OK, so what am I going to write about in this blog? I will try to convey my awe, wonder and appreciation for the so called transpersonal. Transpersonal in this context does not include any existing religion, philosophy or New age movement, please. It translates to intimate and subjective empirical knowledge about what has throughout the human history been labeled as Spiritual, Divine.

I am almost holding my breath here, for respect, freedom, integrity (of us all) is soooooo important to me. I always state this while sharing in written word, and it just doesn’t get old, so here we go again: the thoughts below are only my subjective reality and no criticism, labeling, diagnosis or anything of the sort is intended. Each of us lives in subjective universe it seems and yet we can contribute to each other or not. It is my sincere hope that the text below does contribute at least somewhat.

Stages of human identity development

There is a guy, tall, brilliant and, as far as I can see, awake. Awake from social, political, educational,  religious etc. systems. His name is Ken Wilber, they say he is the most read author in the history of humankind. All of his, 15 books I think, are still in print, some in re-re-reprint.

And this guy has come up with, to me, genius idea of producing the map of all existing states and stages of human consciousness. And as far as I am concerned (and most of the professional psychological, philosophical and even anthropological world is concerned, it seems), well, he did it.

I have written extensively on the subject of the Wilber map on this Blog (please see the links above under Wilber map or employ the search engine up there on the right hand side), so there is no need for repeating it all.

What I want to again share, though, is that there is indeed an identity development going on in our human lives. Particularly I would like to point out two stages: Authenticity and the Subtle.

The first is personal and the later is transpersonal or spiritual.

I have sampled all of the levels of the Wilber map and empirically speaking, Authenticity is not as great as it seems on the paper.
All of the words, mere words, below are only generalization and might as well not apply to any of you, dear visitors. 🙂

Yes, it is or it seems to be:
– really wonderful to be able to stand up and say NO, or YES,
– precious to be able to be really personal and authentic in bed, for example, really enjoying oneself,
– great to create our own world, meaning that we apriori bow not to any structure from the outside,
– lovely to be able to express feelings and needs in a way others understand and maybe even appreciate,
– important to be able to share the skills and knowledge of empathy and self-empathy with others,
– it is so dear to be able to have a job just the way we want, to connect only to people we choose, to eat, drink exactly what we want, to have a house exactly as we want etc.,
– glorious to be able to operate outside the expectations of others, and, above all,
– most important to follow individualized will of I and Mine.

Of course, there are not many people who have attained all of the above. In fact, I only know a few.
And hey, who knows, maybe I ought to get out more LOL

That been said, lets take a look at the, what seem to be, not-so-great characteristics of the Authentic level of awareness (as per my own personal experiences and also according to my observations and sharing of others and also according to accepted professional literature penned by Wilber, Rowan, Forman etc., all of which doesn’t really matter; what matters is what is alive in YOU, yes? 🙂 ):
– it is only personal, meaning it is conditioned by personal tendencies (limited empathy, energy, the reach of personal outlook etc.),
– it takes enormous effort to be Authentic, simply because at this level, personal effort is a must,
– everyone gets burned out at least once at this level, for Ego or the Authentic self keeps pushing the envelope by trying to change and improve things,
– Authentic self or the Ego needs control, structure to really feel secure and content,
– at this level, everything that is not in accordance with inner (personal) reality is canceled out, ignored or at least avoided,
– it takes so much energy to emphatically reflect what others feel and need, simply because Ego or the Authentic self still believes and operates on, separation and duality (I am me and you are you),
– vulnerability at this level hurts, even one single thought (coming from the outside or inside) might shake the foundations of the attained personal happiness and peace,
– Authentic self or Ego is mostly timid, meaning that impersonal experiences might leave it distraught and confused,
– even the most flexible and tolerant Ego or Authentic self still needs reassurance, for it is a huge challenge for it to operate outside of its own inner self-created reality,
– when offering empathy, when reflecting feelings and needs of others, the best Ego or Authentic self can produce is best guesses (in accepted professional literature this is called “imagining the real”),
– and again, it takes massive effort to maintain the attained inner psychological climate,
– etc.

And yet, in comparison to Mental or Instrumental level (a level prior the Authentic level as per Wilber map), all of the above is indeed so much rewarding and positive, that some people I have met seem to take this Authenticity as synonymous to Enlightenment or Pure Spiritual Reality.

Interestingly enough even Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of the NVC system which is widely employed all over the world, pointed out that at the core of his system is this Beloved Divine Energy, not Ego or Authentic Self. Please, see the whole text, you can read it here >>new web page opens up).

There is so, so, soooooooooooooooo much more one can experience beyond the Authenticity, in my experiences.

Lets take a look at some of the traits of the spiritual and transpersonal level of awareness, the Subtle level or the Soul level:
– it is like coming home, it is safe, fluid, free and eternal – no need for any effort,
– there is no need to fix things, to create something anew, for the transpersonal Reality has been the same for ever,
– no effort is needed to connect with others at this level,
– empathy for others is not conditioned by effort or amount of self-empathy, it is free flowing, eternal, absolute,
– they say that there is a book called “Structures to live by” and at this level, well, there are no books, the least of which is called “structure”,
– at this level the true self, the Soul shines forth powerfully and gently at the same time, no need to fix it or create it from scratch,
– at this level one is never ever alone, for the presence of the Soul naturally evokes the presence of other Souls from the Subtle transpersonal realm,
– there is no need to trying to become what we really are at this level, for we really already are, way beyond any and all personal projections from the Authentic self or Ego,
– the Soul is the true Self, and the Authentic self or Ego is merely her shadow (that’s why the Ego needs all the fuss and circus to be really content),
– the Soul is witnessing all the drama on the personal level, and denies nothing, for everything is already in herself.

Dr. Rosenberg was once asked:

What does God mean to you?

I need a way to think of God that would work for me, other words or ways to look at this beauty, this powerful energy, and so my name for God is “Beloved Divine Energy.” For a while it was just Divine Energy but then I was reading some of the Eastern religions, and Eastern poets, and I loved how they had this personal, loving connection with this Energy. And I found that it added to me to call it “Beloved” Divine Energy. To me this Beloved Divine Energy is life, connection to life.

Is this lack of connection to Divine Energy responsible for violence in the world?

To me, the violence in the world comes about when we get alienated or disconnected from this Energy. How do we get connected when we are educated to be disconnected? I believe it’s our cultural conditioning and education that disconnects us from God, especially our education about God.
(please, see the whole interview, if you will, here >> – new web page opens up)

Well, at the Subtle transpersonal level, the “God” for a lack of a more flexible word is experienced as real as you and me, and is way beyond the personal Authentic level. It is the Divine in us, in you and me, that acts when the healing of guilt, shame, anger etc. takes place.

How much more healing could take place if we embraced the transpersonal even more, transforming the timid Ego or Authentic self into this Beloved Divine Energy (as Rosenberg himself calls the transpersonal Self)!





Dr Rowan 2105 visit highlights

This year Dr John Rowan visited us for the fifth time in a row and, for me, his seminars have always contributed to a profound changes in my awareness.

Seminar was pragmatically oriented, focusing on the Subtle, Causal and Nondual stages of human psychological-transpersonal identity development.

In plain words, we were exploring the states of consciousness above the personal ones (above Mental ego and Authentic self).

We started off by two people reading main characteristics of Mental Ego and Authentic stages. It was interesting for me to observe reactions of participants. Where sincerity is at home, it is really impossible to avoid facing the truth, it seems.

The Authentic level, the Centaur as it is also called, is of course very important stage of development, full of control, building up ego and manifesting the “I create my own world” notion. I don’t know about others, but I am really grateful that I passed that particular level years ago. Now it is really strange to me to impose limitations where none exist or don’t need to exist.

We kindda glanced at the Nondual level (the Buddhist states, i.e. anatta and sunyata) on the first day. It was enough, however, to completely eradicate the notion of any kind of identity in awareness of yours truly.

We had lunch with our dear “living Buddha” (as I like to refer to him) and there was no one there to eat the lunch, as far as I was concerned. My friends were talking and yet no one was speaking, no one there to listen either. It was one of those moments when consciousness is free from, well, everything.

On the second day, Dr Rowan guided us into a meditation at the Subtle level, where again the “I” (the Subtle / Causal I) simply vanished. Shanti, shanti, shanti.

Dr Rowan also presented his new paper on the psychedelic research and then guided us into meditative state similar to psylocibin experience. Interesting, but the real Plants of power are better, to me.

There was an interesting discussion about using power in daily lives. One participant raised the question how to really use power when she is also gentle.

And our Mojca shared her opinion that it really doesn’t matter how one uses his/her power/gentleness in relationships – what is important is where the focus rests on the inside, in the Heart. She pretty much nailed it, in my opinion.

At lunch I asked Dr Rowan which level of awareness is most satisfying to him and he said: the Authentic level. A complete surprise to me for the most part, as he is (as far as I can tell) almost never at this level when with me.

Towards the end of the day two, Dr Rowan demonstrated a few sessions from the Causal and Subtle transpersonal levels. Those moments, when the therapist is really really at the Causal or Subtle level, are so precious and yield so much progress for the client!

A decision was also made that next year we will offer a public program, introducing the Wilber map and demonstration of psychotherapy work from transpersonal levels (beyond Authentic level) to public.



Dr John Rowan on Authenticity

Dr John RowanAuthenticity is the natural expression of having made the move from first-tier consciousness – what Ken Wilber calls Mental Ego consciousness, and what is often called conventional consciousness – to second-tier consciousness, or what Wilber calls Centaur consciousness, and which is often called post-conventional consciousness.

This is quite a normal and natural progression, but it often results from a crisis of some kind, which shakes us out of the comforts of conventional consciousness.

First tier consciousness is dominated by formal logic, based on the premise that A is A. This is the logic often taught in schools, and it has been named variously as Aristotelian, Newtonian, Cartesian, Boolean and mathematical logic. It is used very successfully in computers, and is highly suitable for working with inanimate things.

Second tier consciousness is dominated by dialectical logic, the logic of paradox and contradiction, whose basic premise is that A is not simply A. This is the logic we require for dealing adequately with human beings. And it is only if we embrace this form of logic that we can understand authenticity.

Authenticity is fully embodied in most of the forms of humanistic psychotherapy, including Person-centred, Gestalt, Psychodrama, experiential therapies, Primal Integration, radical therapy, feminist therapy, several body therapies, dream work and so forth. They are very much at home there, contributing essentially to the humanistic emphasis on the whole person and the authentic relationship. The humanistic view of authenticity is broader and more inclusive than that to be found in existential analysis.

James Bugental has written two books about authenticity. He says that authenticity is a combination of self respect (we are not just part of an undifferentiated world) and self enactment – we express our care or involvement in the world in a visible way.

Here is a key quotation:
“By authenticity I mean a central genuineness and awareness of being. Authenticity is that presence of an individual in his living in which he is fully aware in the present moment, in the present situation. Authenticity is difficult to convey in words, but experientially it is readily perceived in ourselves or in others.” (Bugental 1981, p.102)
In other words, what we in humanistic psychology are saying is that authenticity is an experience.

As Rollo May has said so well: “Freedom is a quality of action of the centered self.” (May 1979, p.176) Ž
The humanistic view is that action is the acid test of experience.

What it seems so hard to convey to many people is that the real self, the self which is to be actualized in self-actualization, is not a concept but an experience. It is not something to be argued at a philosophical level, it is something to be encountered at an experiential level. Otherwise it becomes an abstract and useless concept.

Some existentialists embrace this, as for example here:
Authenticity consists in having a true and lucid consciousness of the situation, in assuming the responsibilities and risks that it involves, in accepting it in pride or humiliation, sometimes in horror and hate. There is no doubt that authenticity demands much courage and more than courage. Thus it is not surprising that one finds it so rarely.
(Sartre 1948, p.90)

It demands so much because it involves moving beyond the confines of the familiar mental ego. To get away from the abstract argument, let us take a concrete example.

It comes from a book by Allen Wheelis, and it goes like this:

Look at the wretched people huddled in line for the gas chambers at Auschwitz. If they do anything other than move on quietly, they will be clubbed down. Where is freedom?… But wait. Go back in time, enter the actual event, the very moment: they are thin and weak, and they smell; hear the weary shuffling steps, the anguished catch of breath, the clutch of hand. Enter now the head of one hunched and limping man.

The line moves slowly; a few yards ahead begin the steps down. He sees the sign, someone whispers “showers”, but he knows what happens here. He is struggling with a choice: to shout “Comrades! They will kill you! Run!” – or to say nothing. This option, in the few moments remaining, is his whole life. If he shouts he dies now, painfully; if he moves on silently he dies but minutes later. Looking back on him in time and memory, we find the moment poignant but the freedom negligible. It makes no difference in that situation, his election of daring or of inhibition.

Both are futile, without consequence. History sees no freedom for him, notes only constraint, labels him victim. But in the consciousness of that one man it makes great difference whether or not he experiences the choice. For if he knows the constraint and nothing else, if he thinks “Nothing is possible”, then he is living his necessity; but if, perceiving the constraint, he turns from it to a choice between two possible courses of action, then – however he chooses – he is living his freedom.
This commitment to freedom can extend to the last breath. ”
(Wheelis 1973, ‘How People Change’, pp.31-32)

For humanistic psychotherapy, authenticity is a direct experience of the real self. It is unmistakable, it is self-authenticating. And if we want to know how to use it on a daily basis, we can go to the excellent book by Will Schutz entitled ‘Profound Simplicity’ (3rd edition 1988).

There is an important link between authenticity and genuineness as described by Carl Rogers.

“It is my feeling that congruence is a part of existential authenticity, that the person who is genuinely authentic in his being-in-the-world is congruent within himself; and to the extent that one attains authentic being in his life, to that extent is he congruent.”
(Bugental 1981, p.108)

Again it takes Bugental to draw our attention to the heartland of the humanistic approach, which is also the heartland of the existential approach. Both Bugental and Rogers are clear that congruence is difficult and demanding, and recent writers like Dave Mearns have made it clear that it cannot be taught as a skill.

As authentic beings, we recognize our individuality.
Further, we recognize that this individuality is not a static quality but is, rather, a set of (possibly infinite) potentialities. As such, while in the authentic mode, we maintain an independence of thought and action, and subsequently feel ‘in charge’ of the way our life is experienced. Rather than reacting as victims to the vicissitudes of being, we, as authentic beings, acknowledge our role in determining our actions, thought and beliefs, and thereby experience a stronger and fuller sense of integration, acceptance, ‘openness’ and ‘aliveness’ to the potentialities of being-in-the-world.
(Spinelli 1989, p.109)

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

– Dr John Rowan
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Wilber map & relationships

Well, it seems that the blog titled “Wilber map for dummies” (you can read it here >>) contributed to understanding of the Wilber map somewhat and a few very interesting questions arose (thank you!) about the Wilber map & relationships.

Before we get right down to it, I would to point out that in real life the attainment of certain stages of awareness as per Wilber map is not as clearly cut as it may seem. And so a person may be intellectually very well on the spiritual Subtle level and emotionally still struggling and slowly pulling herself out of Mental ego level (clearing out the Shadow). There are various components of our inner life that need to be considered: emotional life, morality, intellectual capacities, empirical component etc…

In my answers below I write as if the persons are fully established at each level of identity development under discussion.

Q: I am wondering if it is possible for two persons at different levels of awareness to be in a really loving relationship.
Say one on the Mental ego level and the other on the Authentic level.

A: That is an excellent question!
Well, while in relationships everything is subjective and situations vary, I seriously doubt it that a Mental Ego oriented person and an Authentic one would have a chance in long-term and loving relationship.

You see, there is a whole Universe of differences between these two levels, as far as I can see. Mental level is in my opinion and experiences very dry, fast and more or less devoid of any responsibility.

And that alone is in a stark contrast with the soft, empathic and responsible Authentic level. Responsibility I am speaking about here is the very important process of assuming full responsibility for one’s own emotions, thoughts, words and deeds. And that seems to happen only after the Shadow has been cleared out, thus attaining the Authentic level for good.

In my observation, an Authentic person simply would not find a relationship with a Mental level partner satisfying. Mental Ego level seems to be filled with pieces of information on how one ought to live (instead of how one wants to live, in his heart), there is a lot of argumentative communication and analysis and labeling (instead of felling with others, compassionately), safe distance from others (and from oneself, of course, and from facing deeper reality squarely) and virtually no contact with real inner life, i.e. emotions and needs/potentials.

Of course, an Authentic person has seen through those mental structures and doesn’t really need them anymore. What fills his/her heart with joy is deep and heartfelt contact with someone, trust, openness and working together, as a team, giving and receiving, lovingly and freely from the heart.

Mental level person would have a very hard time trying to keep up with the spontaneous and free-from-limiting-structures thinking that an Authentic person employs. Also, true and honest communication, based on clear awareness of authentic emotions and needs, is to a Mental ego what might a Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics mean to a Newtonian physicist: an enigma, for the most part.

In other words, a Mental level person has yet to learn how to live in harmony with inner authentic emotions and needs, something that an Authentic level person lives day in day out, easily.

A Mental Ego on the other hand, would probably need a time off, a break of some sort and a structured procedure on daily bases even to come into direct contact with his feelings and needs, what to speak about living in harmony with the inner Life.

In my experiences and also according to my observations, a really loving and lasting relationship is full of present and authentic feelings and needs that both partners are fully aware of and where both are willingly and spontaneously sharing inner Life as it unfolds in real time. And a Mental Ego, in my opinion, doesn’t have what it takes, yet.

In my opinion, a Mental Ego usually employs different “tools” in relationships, which might include manipulation, highly mentally structured plans and expectations, masks such as social status, education titles, money, power, body even etc… to present and express him/herself to others.

Authentic person is on totally different planet, in my opinion. Being in deep contact with his own emotions and needs is easy for him. No problems. It is easy to set and observe clear boundaries for an Authentic person. Also a paradoxical thinking is not a problem at this level, something that a Mental Ego hardly understands and embraces not, not even by far, it seems.

Personal freedom is what an Authentic person enjoys, and that is something a Mental Ego still needs to attain. Till then, well, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with his/her mother or father, yes? Well that’s maybe what a Mental Ego person, still overwhelmed by Shadow, acts as: not as a fully developed person, but as a mix of influences from father, mother, instructors, professors, TV, systems etc.

No, my opinion based on experiences suggest that an Authentic level person is not a good match for a Mental Ego. Unless the Authentic Self chooses to be with a Mental Ego, of course.


Q: OK, what about a person on the Subtle level? Would she be a good match to persons that are NOT yet at the Subtle level?

A: Nope.
Well, that’s my opinion.

You see, a Subtle level person is truly spiritually realized soul which not only sees through the Mental Ego limitations, but also through Authenticity itself.

Subtle level person is even more open, more free-flowing, for she is in direct contact with her immortal and perfect Soul (and other perfect Beings upon the Subtle transpersonal level). And that is something that even fully self-actualized and Authentic person still hasn’t come even close to.

You see, at the Subtle transpersonal level, there is no need for structure that seems to be so precious to both Mental and Authentic levels. A Subtle level person is free flowing, using no structure in his/her decisions. It is a transpersonal or spiritual impulses from within that such as person seem to follow, not social or intellectual or personal guidelines. And that in itself might be a huge challenge to a partner that is not yet at the Subtle level.

The Subtle Self seems to be self-sufficient and satisfied from within, while an Authentic Self still thinks he has to change things, on the inside and also on the outside.

So, no, I don’t see a bright future for a relationship with a Subtle level person and Mental/Authetnic level person. Unless the Subtle Self chooses otherwise.


Q: What about the Causal Self? How does a person at this level function in a loving relationship?

In my opinion, s/he doesn’t.

The Causal level is so far above the personal ones, and so fulfilling in itself (atma-rama in Sanskrit) that such a person finds nothing worth while in a personal relationships.

Maybe thats why all of the liberated Masters from the past and present, are single. No need for anything. The Causal Self is the only one in Existence, so why bother with “others”?

And pretty much the same goes for a Nondual level person. There is no lust left in Nondual, no desires, no clinging and no craving.

And if by some twist of fate a Causal Self got involved with a person, any person really, He would be of perfect support.



Wilber map for dummies :)

Writing mostly in a playful mode and yet maybe seriously, too:

We are in a hotel, my friend and me, having overwhelmingly huge  breakfast. And she looks into my eyes and blows me a kiss over the table.

And lets say that in my head and heart the following happens (as per Wilber map of stages of human consciousness):
Mental Ego

In a department of my consciousness labeled intellect, there is a Board of directors and all twelve of them are closely following everything that is going on. All of them are proud that they finally made it and became members of the Board. The illustrious Board basically decides about everything that is supposed to be happening on the planet integral.life.

They have a huge at least 90 inch LCD monitor on the wall of the room and are playing the “blowing kiss” sequence back and forth, watching it over and over again.

All of them are staring at the wall and hastily taking notes. All members of the Board are writing and writing notes, comparing the current situation with similar memories, analyzing the expression on the woman’s face and in her eyes, ambient noise and everything else.

They write and write and express their opinions aloud without any consideration for others. They don’t really hear one another and cant seem to find a compromise what to do. Each member wants to be the one who decides and all of them are gunning for the honor, for they are aware that their ruling over such matters is not as definitive as it used to be. At least in the head they want to build up their self-importance, for in the real integral-life.si they are not listened to anymore.

Members are all very intelligent, but full of hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information, projections, doubts, expectations, plans, fears, dysfunctional mental representations, and they are even looking into mystical-analytical tools such as tarot, I-ching, jyotish with the aim of reaching deeper understanding of what is happening etc. and, above all, all of them exhibit obsessive need for control.

On and on they go:
What to do? What does this woman want, really? What is her intention? What the f**k is happening? What is acceptable to do now? Jeez, what this woman just did is not socially acceptable!  etc. etc.

Well, and while the Board is debating endlessly, the room enters:


Authentic Self

Upon the entrance of the Authentic Self seven members simply lose their consciousness, for the presence of the Authentic Self is so powerful that intellect cant really deal with it. Scores of papers are flying up in the air, some members fall back, some hit the table with their foreheads and two of them even collapse to the flour. The rest five members of the Board are lost for words, thinking, now we are done for, oh my god.

Authentic Self knows all of the Board members intimately and the amount of attention he is offering them is exactly zero. He doesn’t even remember the last time he listened to them in serious matters.

Calmly he takes a look at the monitor on the wall of awareness and ignores Board’s intellectual mechanics as he has seen through them loooong ago. He has seen through their limited social convictions, superficial influences of others and society and all of the rules of the game of human interactions… and in the situation with the woman he senses affection and gentleness.

Board members are quiet and are holding their breath: “Oh dear, what will happen now?”. One member wants to add something to his notes but he doesn’t dare.

And before Authentic Self decides, the room is graced with the presence of:


The Subtle Self

The Soul or the Subtle Self simply is. Her presence changes the feeling in the room completely, in a positive fashion. Knocked out members regain their consciousness in a heart beat, the rest lift their heads, pick up their notes and the two members who crashed on the flour stand up and silently sit back at the table.

At this table, everyone is welcome. Board members are more relaxed, open and once in a while a word or two is heard. Subtle Self tolerates and acknowledges everyone and everything.

Subtle Self and Authentic Self look at each other and the later wants to express something and he cant utter a word, for a sheer and crystal clear realization dawns on him:

“Oh, f**k, fuuuuuuuuuu******k!
I don’t even exist for real!! My existence is not!
Separate Self doesn’t even exist!!! Not on my own!!”

And the Soul shines with inner Purity and Light even more.

The Soul is full of love, wisdom, power and vulnerability (which is in fact her greatest strength) and in the woman recognizes a kindred spirit from previous lives.

The Soul is aware of the relative importance of relationship with this kindred spirit here on Earth and on other levels of existence and at the same time the Soul is acutely aware she unconditionally and exclusively belongs to and is totally surrendered to the Source Itself. In Her case, that is Mahadevi.

While the Soul is contemplating these notions, the room is lighted up as if the sun itself just came out. The room, which is now in my heart of hearts, is bathed in Pure and Brilliant Light.

Board members, chairs, walls, monitor, flour, Authentic self – everything, indeed everything shines in completely new Light, for the Soul has spontaneously realized:


The Causal Self

The Soul or the Subtle Self has effortlessly dived deeply into Herself and has easily and directly realized Her true and eternal identity.

In Her heart a notion arises:
“Oh my God!!”
And soon after that:
“Wait a second, not Oh My God!”
“I am God!”

The room is completely immersed in the Presence and everything is just fine. No conflict whatsoever, no problem or deficit.

Simply Perfect.

The Causal Self is spontaneously aware of Everything that is, for there is no separateness, no duality at all.

The woman across the table is His manifestation, and He easily recognizes Himself in her. No duality, no distance. There never ever was. He easily accepts everything, for nothing apart from Himself simply does not exist.

He alone is.

The Causal Self manifests many things and one of those things is omnipresence. And using His presence that is everywhere, He spontaneously senses the conversation between two mountain men somewhere in the mountains about this years apples. One man shares his observation that this year some apples are more red than others.

And hearing that, the Causal Self realizes the undeniable truth:

He Himself and the redness of an apple are totally equal, both are only impermanent things in the vast ocean of events. There is no center, no God, and the Causal Self is only one of the impressions upon the Big Mind, just as the redness of an apple or wetness of a water is.

When this insight arises, the Power, Omnipresence, Pristine Presence of the Only One Causal Self simply melts into the Big Mind and what is left is:

The Nondual level

In the head and in the heart total peace arises. There are no Board members left, the room is empty. The Authentic Self is gone, the Subtle Self likewise. And the Causal Self has melted just as water melts in water.

Total identity collapse.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond all the way to the other side.

No one is guiding anything, everything is happening by itself, with no cause and no effect.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


A more serious description of psychological-transpersonal identity development can be found  here >>


Beyond Maslow

Wilber ladderI would like to share a blog post from Dr Rowan’s web site.

Here is a part of the blog post in question:

“…In 1943, Abraham Maslow launched his theory of a hierarchy of needs. He later elaborated on it, and the latest edition of his book came out 44 years later (Maslow 1987) there is no triangle in this book. At some point in this period, some bright spark (probably a text editor) had the idea of printing out this hierarchy in the form of a triangle or pyramid. This produced a very attractive diagram, and later versions added colour to make it even more so. And this is the version that Hazel Guest has used, adding the extra level (intrinsic values) which she argues for in her article.

What is wrong with the triangle is that it suggests that there is an end-point to personal growth. What is also wrong is that it suggests that this end-point is not far away. So the questions that are raised here are: is there an end-point, and if so where is it?…”

Please, see the whole blog here:




Wilber mapa za telebane :)

Malo za šalo malo zares:

S prijateljico sediva v hotelu za mizo in uživava zelo preobilni zajtrk. In ona se zazre v moje oči in mi prek mize pošlje kiss.

In recimo, da se v moji glavi in v srcu odvije naslednje dogajanje, opisano po Wilberjevi mapi stanj zavesti:

Mental Ego

Za okroglo mizo v predelu zavesti, ki se mu reče intelekt, sedijo člani Upravnega Odbora in spremljajo popolnoma vse dogajanje. Vseh dvanajst je ponosnih, da so vendarle prišli v Odbor, ki v bistvu odloča o vsem, kar naj bi se dogajalo na planetu integral-life.si.

In velik, vsaj 90 inčni LCD monitor na zidu v sobi, kjer zaseda Odbor, prikazuje eno žensko bitje, ki pošlje kiss. Kader pošiljanja tega kissa Odbor vrti naprej in nazaj, znova in znova in vsak član Odbora bulji tja v monitor in si hitro dela zapiske.

Vsi pišejo in pišejo, dogodek primerjajo s spomini, analizirajo poteze na obrazu ženske, izraz v očeh, zvoke iz okolja in vse ostalo. Pišejo in pišejo in na glas en prek drugega izražajo svoja mnenja in enostavno ne morejo doseči kompromisa kaj storiti. Vsak član se želi uveljaviti, vsak pelje vodo na svoj mlin. Zavedajo se, da nimajo več take moči kot včasih in vsaj v glavi želijo graditi svojo samo-pomembnost. V življenju integral-life.si jim to namreč ne uspeva več.

Posamezni člani so zelo inteligentni, vendar polni informacij, projekcij, dvomov, pričakovanj, planov, strahu, kompleksov, vzorcev spodobnega vedenja, posegajo celo po analitično-mističnih metodah tarota, I-chinga, jyotisha z namenom doseganja globljega razumevanja dogajanja itd… in prav vsi imajo obsesivno potrebo po kontroli.

Kaj storiti? Kaj ta ženska sploh hoče? Kakšen je njen namen? What the f**k is happening? Kaj je najbolje storiti? Kako bomo izpadli? Kaj če to ni to? Halo, pa saj to, kar počne ta ženska, se ne spodobi! itd…itd…

No, in medtem, ko Odbor v nedogled debatira, kaj bi bilo najbolje storiti, v sobo vstopi:

Avtentični Jaz

V hipu se sedem članov Odbora enostavno onesvesti, kajti prisotnost Avtentičnega Jaza je tako močna, da ji intelekt enostavno ne more konkurirati. Popisani listi frčijo po zraku, eni člani padejo vznak, drugi telebnejo s čelom na mizo in dva celo trdo padeta na tla. Ostalih pet članov Odbora pa obnemi, češ, sedaj pa imamo hudiča v bajti.

Avtentični Jaz pozna vse člane Odbora do potankosti in jim namenja količino pozornosti, ki je enaka ničli. Niti spomni se več ne, kdaj je pri pomembnih odločitvah nazadnje zares upošteval Odbor.

Mirno se zazre v monitor na steni in ignorira intelektualne akrobacije Odbora, saj je že zdavnaj spregledal njihove omejujoče socialne strukture, plitke vplive okolja ter pravil igre človeških odnosov in v dejanju ženske zazna naklonjenost in nežnost.

Člani Odbora so ob tem tiho kot miške in samo čakajo, kaj se bo zgodilo. En član želi nekaj dodatki svojim zapiskom, vendar si ne upa.

In preden Avtentični Jaz sprejme odločitev, se v sobi pojavi:

Subtilni Jaz

Duša oz Subtilni Jaz enostavno je. Njegova prisotnost v sobi temeljito izboljša vzdušje. Nezavestni člani Odbora pridejo takoj k zavesti, ostali dvignejo glave, poberejo zapiske in tista dva, ki sta telebnila po tleh, se usedeta nazaj za mizo.

Za to mizo so dobrodošli vsi. Člani Odbora nimajo več treme, sprostijo se in sem ter tja pade kakšna beseda. Subtilni Jaz vse mirno tolerira in upošteva vse.

Duša in Avtentični Jaz se spogledata in slednji skuša nekaj izraziti, vendar mu to prepreči ostra in jasna realizacija:

“O fak, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
Mene sploh ni! Sam po sebi sploh ne obstajam!
Ločenega Jaza sploh ni!”

In Duša ob tem zasije še s polnejšo močjo.

Duša je polna ljubezni, modrosti, moči in tudi ranljivosti (ki je v bistvu njena največja moč) in v ženski prepozna sorodno dušico, s katero se poznata že vrsto življenj.

Zaveda se relativne pomembnosti prisotnosti te dotične sorodne dušice v njenem obstoju na Zemlji in na ostalih nivojih bivanja, a istočasno se zaveda svoje brezpogojne in izključne pripadnosti in predanosti Izvoru vsega. V primeru te Duše je to Tara.

Ob kontemplaciji teh misli se v trenutku v sobi (ki se je sedaj preselila iz glave v srce) zablešči, kot da bi v sobi vzšlo samo sonce.

Člani Upravnega Odbora, stoli, stene, monitor, tla, Avtentični Jaz – vse, prav vse zablešči v povsem drugačni luči, saj se je Duša spontano zavedla, da je:

Kavzalni Jaz

Duša oz Subtilni Jaz se enostavno pogrezne sam vase in povsem spontano se direktno zave svoje resnične in večne identitete.

V srcu se pojavi zgolj en vtis: “Oh My God!!!!!”
In nato: “Ne, čaki mal, ne “Oh My God”,
ampak “I am God”!!!!!

Soba je sedaj popolnoma presvetljena s Prisotnostjo in vse je povsem v redu. Nobenega konflikta, problema, primanjkljaja.

Preprosta Popolnost.

Kavzalni Jaz se zaveda Vsega, kar je, ločenosti sploh ni. Žensko nasproti zaznava kot svojo lastno manifestacijo in se zlahka prepozna v njej. Ločenosti ni. Nikoli je ni bilo. Z lahkoto sprejema vse, saj ničesar razen Njega Samega enostavno ne obstaja.

Samo Edini.

Kavzalni Jaz ima mnogo lastnosti in ena izmed teh je tudi vseprisotnost. In s pomočjo te vseprisotnosti se spontano zave pogovora dveh sadjarjev, ki daleč stran nekje v gorah severne Azije komentirata letošnji pridelek jabolk. En sadjar izpostavi, da so nekatera jabolka bolj rdeča kot druga.

In ob tem Kavzalni Jaz prepozna neizpodbitno resnico:

On Sam in rdečina jabolka sta povsem enakovredna, samo dva minljiva dogodka v oceanu dogajanja. Nobenega centra ni, Kavzalni Jaz je samo eden od vtisov v Velikemu Umu, prav tako kot rdečina jabolka ali mokrota vode.

Ob tej realizaciji se Blišč in Moč ter Vseprisotnost in Edinstvenost Kavzalnega Jaza enostavno raztopi v Velikem umu in ostane:

Nedualni nivo

V glavi in v srcu nastopi totalni mir. Članov Odbora več ni, soba je prazna, Avtentični Jaz je izginil, Subtilni jaz prav tako, Kavzalni jaz se je raztopil kot voda v vodi.

Total identity collapse.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond all the way to the other side.

Nihče ne vodi ničesar, vse se dogaja samo po sebi, brez vzroka in posledic.

Om Tare Tam Svaha


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Integral approach to, well, Life, has become an important element of my daily existence. Fragmentary perception of Life, alienated by my own ignorance and attachment to partial comprehension of personal and transpersonal states and stages of awareness – well, all of that is long gone.

There is no conflict in my mind regarding psychological-spiritual identity development of a human being. LOL What a mouth-full that was.
In plain words: Gods and the winds willing, I may be able to relate to the needs of anyone at any level of pre-personal, personal, extra-personal or transpersonal level of awareness.

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