Wilber map: typical statements :)

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Well, I am being playful so lets take a look at the Wilber map and typical statements from each level:

Mental Ego:
My daughter, well, no doctor of science will ever be good enough for her.
(this actually crossed my mind a few times, LOL)

Authentic level:
Patience is just procrastination without anxiety.

Subtle level:
We will all die, yes?
Well, I suggest we make peace with our various Gods and just go.

Causal level / Vedanta Nondual:
I used to be lonely, but now I am alone.
<deep sigh>

Buddhist Nondual:
What’s been felt,
What’s been known,
Never shined through in what’s been shown.
Always free.
Never me.
So I dub thee nonexistent.
<empty silence>



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