I often write about various levels of psychological-transpersonal identity development here on the Blog, trying to point out that there really is an identity development happening in my (our?) existence and that Authenticity itself, for example, is but a stage and a level of human consciousness. One can indeed go ahead and more progress could be realized, as I hope becomes clear in the text below.

So, here I offer an excerpt from my upcoming book on Vedanta and Buddhist teachings in the light of transpersonal awakening, titled After anatta:

The Wilber map at a glance

Wilber map will play an important role in this book so let us take a closer look at the subject.

We can’t avoid mentioning AQAL when we speak about Wilber map. The acronym AQAL stands for ‘All quadrants, all levels’. Click on the picture above, please.

Let us just glimpse at the levels on the Wilber map that directly concern our topic, namely transpersonal ones plus the Mental Ego level. We will not be dealing with levels prior to the Mental Ego level.

As far as I am concerned, these levels or stages are as real as you and me; they are not some half-cooked concepts but living facts of life and can be observed by anyone interested enough in deeper understanding of human conscious psychological-transpersonal (spiritual) identity development.

It is good to know what each of these levels covers, offers and, in a way, demands. In my case, the map has helped me a lot, both in my personal life as well as in my professional one. Knowing these stages adds to clarity and understanding of my own life and that of others. Thank you dear Ken!

Let us then take a quick glance at the identity development of, say, young and lovely Jane. She is tall, lovely, attractive, has blue eyes and blond hear, of course.

Here are the levels we will  be dealing with; there are two more levels prior Mental Ego (family self and body self)  but for our purpose, these are enough:

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