Before we move on to the text from my upcoming book, let me share a few thoughts on the subject of nondual state of awareness.

To me, especially after the anatta insight manifested, there is a HUGE difference between Buddhise nondual and Vedanta advaita (usually translated as not-two (a-dvaita).

Wilber seems to be rather vague about the differences, but the experience itself will reveal what words can not really convey.

So here is the text from the book:

Jane is ready to move on. She realizes that all along her path, she has been climbing up a ladder never noticing that everything that has been and is still happening to her, well, has been and still is……nothing at all.

Everything is as it should be, and she realizes that it has always been like that, with no center whatsoever.

Keywords: no center, no here and now, no agency, no God, emptiness.

Transition to everyday life: Jane will have to be very clear about the most abstract Buddhist concepts, i.e. anatta, dependent origination, total exertion, two-fold sunyata, to name a few…

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